Klassy Kollections was inspired by my 9 year old daughters love for fashion. I noticed before my daughter “Khylee” was able to walk that she had a style of her very own. Dresses were her absolute favorite. Oh, and her outfit wasn’t complete without a big bow or a hat. It didn’t take long for me to realize, that she had my taste in fashion. My girl wanted to look like she was either about to RIP the runway, or host a boujee Tea Party.

Fashion is a huge part of our family. My grandmother kept me Klassy at all times. Furs in the winter with matching hand muffs and ear warmers & big twirl dresses with knee socks in the spring. I loved wearing my big sun hats in the summer, with the cute little flower on the side. I was always “over dressed,” as my classmates would say. Every time I entered a room, people wanted to know where I was going, or if I had just had my pictures done. Listen up, One doesn’t need a reason to step out Klassy.

Stepping out Klassy is the only way, one should EVER step out. 

I wore my pearls with almost everything, and often dreamed of dressing my future daughters the same way. Times have surely changed, and wearing Klassy pieces & dressing modest is pretty much frowned upon. Society seems to think that the less clothes we wear, the better, and I personally don’t agree with that at all. Klassy Kollections is a Kollection of BEAUTIFUL, BOLD & BOSSY PIECES. Don’t get me wrong, our Kollections are very versatile.

We have Sexy, for a Klassy date night.

Perhaps a Jumpsuit, for a Klassy fun night. 

Working out? No problem, we have Klassy active wear too. 

No matter what it is, Klassy has you covered. 

We love statement pieces, and anything that catches the eye. We love timeless, kaptivating pieces that tell a story without you having to utter a word. Every piece is chosen carefully, and there’s a vision for every single piece that we present.
We desire to create conversations and make connections with our clothing. That is part of the reason that Klassy Kollections  isn’t a trend, it’s a movement.. or better yet, it’s an entire experience.

To sum it all up, Klassy Kollections offers a timeless approach to fashion. We specialize in providing pieces that you can switch up to create different looks for whatever you are feeling at that moment.


Kymeshea Lei’Tori, Klassy Kollections CEO